About us

Sofa-dome is a manufacturing company who offers a wide range of furniture for shops, hospitality and projects. The company is based in Olen (Belgium) and is a growing company in the international world of interior design. The goods are produces in europe and through advanced production facilities we strive for quality and fast delivery times using flexible shipment methods.

We are presenting our new collection called WR-inspired. WR is a brand which is being distributed by sofa-dome.

Uniqueness and flexibility are key. Clients have the luxury to combine different materials and colors to create a totally unique own style that does not imitate other concepts or brands.




“WR” is a new brand in the interior design industry who offers their design services to several companies. We are a group of designers who create compelling furniture for commercial use or offer design solutions for projects and hospitality purposses.

Would you be interested in our designs or a collaborarion in creating a new collection or products for your project?

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We'lle only work with the best materials available, never compromise quality for time and give our clients realistic schedules to give them the best service possible.


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We use  colors and materials to our advantage, these can be combined to create your own style or to fit your project.

The details are not the details, they make the design